Analogue PABX

Analogue PABX

Analogue PBX

Panasonic’s analogue telephone system has revolutionised telephone systems for small to mid-sized companies, offering features seldom available in this category. Its easy ability to upgrade reduces the cost of expansion, Caller ID increases efficiency, and voice-processing integration improves productivity.

In addition to all the standard analogue switchboard services and features available, Panasonic systems also offer:

3-level Automatic Reception with Voice Guidance
This enables calls to be handled efficiently. 3-level Automated Attendant (AA) service allows a caller to dial a single-digit number following the guidance of 3-level DISA outgoing messages, and be directed to the appropriate section without having to go through an operator.

Built-in Voice Message (BV)
Customise your mailbox by recording your own greeting messages that are played when you can’t answer your phone. Your callers can record their messages directly into your personal mailbox. Call Centres and Workgroups can use the common message area for recording caller messages that can be played back later by an operator (manager).

Caller ID Display on SLT and APT
The system is compatible with Caller ID, which allows you to see the caller’s information on Single Line Telephones (SLTs) and Analogue Proprietary Telephones (APTs). Proprietary display telephones can be used to access the Caller ID log for the 20 most recent calls (Call Log). The system has 300 common logs. The logged incoming calls can be called back easily.

Telephone Management Systems
We have a range of award winning easy to use telephone management solutions that integrate with all our hardware. They are web-based and allow you to identify and manage your business telephone account. Reporting functionality ensures that all information that is easy to view and understand.

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